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Carecci Salvatore who founded Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian restaurant chain since 1988, believe in only putting true Italian dishes on his restaurant tables. It is not just the cooking skill that makes a dish truly Italian, the crucial difference is in the ingredients. Insisting only on using key ingredients that are manufactured in Italy by trusted suppliers, Salvatore imports them himself for his restaurants. After gaining years of networking experience with Italian companies, he has made it possible for quality Italian food to be served in an open and casual setting with the same DNA but at a smaller scale.




SALVO by Pasta Fresca, the latest casual dining concept offers a range of antipasto, salads, fresh pastas and pizzas for those on the go. If you prefer to sit back and enjoy your plate of homemade fresh pasta, SALVO by Pasta Fresca provides a welcoming and friendly interior similar to your Italian friend’s kitchen. Italian food, using olive oil and incorporating mostly fresh vegetables should be made into a daily affair for its healthy aspects. There is no need to head down to pricey restaurants for a high quality authentic Italian meal. SALVO by Pasta Fresca curate meals ‘Made With Italy’ for you.


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