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Carecci Salvatore, the founder of the Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian restaurant chain established in 1988, is passionate about serving authentic Italian dishes at his restaurant tables. Upholding his passion, those seeking a more casual Italian restaurant atmosphere can find it at Salvo.

At SALVO by Pasta Fresca, we offer an extensive range of antipasto, salads, fresh pastas, and pizzas for those on the go. If you are looking for a different Italian cuisine experience, such as alfresco dining, we also provide a welcoming and friendly spot for all your needs here in sunny Singapore.

For a dash of that authentic Italian comfort food in Singapore, there is no need to visit high-end and expensive Italian restaurants. You can find all of that here at the kids-friendly setting of SALVO by Pasta Fresca.

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Discover Our Menu

Italian food, incorporating mostly fresh vegetables and olive oil should be made into a daily affair for its healthy aspects. Here at SALVO by Pasta Fresca, we are no different. Treat yourself to delicious, yet casual Italian cuisine at our restaurant in Singapore, with a large selection of familiar pasta dishes and tasty treats for adults and kids alike.

At SALVO by Pasta Fresca, we pride ourselves on making you feel like family the moment you choose to share a meal with us. Sit back and enjoy your plate of fresh pasta, exactly how you would if you were in an Italian friend’s kitchen.

For those on a tight lunch schedule, be sure to check out our super affordable Italian set lunch menu that changes weekly, as well as our Chef’s Specials that will spice up your dining experience.

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To ensure you get the best SALVO by Pasta Fresca experience, be sure to reserve your table in advance. As one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore, we promise an unforgettable dining atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a place to have alfresco dining or seeking a family restaurant that everyone will love, our establishment in Paya Lebar is the ideal choice. You will get instant confirmation, and a delectable Italian meal to look forward to when you arrive. Come and experience the true essence of a Singapore Italian restaurant with us.


Alfresco Dining in Singapore: Dine Under the Stars

Salvo by Pasta Fresca in Singapore distinguishes itself with its alfresco dining experience, uniquely designed to combine the pleasures of outdoor dining with the distinctive ambiance of a more enclosed setting. The restaurant offers an extensive Italian menu, featuring antipasto, salads, fresh pastas, and pizzas. Its alfresco areas, while not completely open-air, provide a different kind of outdoor dining experience, where guests can savor their meals in an environment that feels both outdoor and intimate. Accompanied by a wide selection of Italian wines, liquors, and cocktails, dining at Salvo offers a harmonious blend of culinary delight and a unique atmosphere, making it suitable for both family gatherings and individual diners looking for an Italian dining experience with a twist. The setting, illuminated by the warm glow of the restaurant’s lighting against the night sky, is laid out with sleek wooden tables and comfortable seating, inviting diners to a relaxed yet refined dining under the stars. Whether for a leisurely lunch or a cozy evening meal, Salvo’s alfresco dining area is a charming destination in Singapore for those who appreciate the fusion of good Italian food and an inviting atmosphere.

Family-Friendly Restaurant for Everyone

Salvo by Pasta Fresca in Singapore is a haven for family dining, where memorable experiences are created around the table. It is not just the kids-friendly setting that makes Salvo special, but also the way it embraces the essence of Italian dining culture, which is deeply rooted in family values and shared meals. The restaurant’s warm and welcoming atmosphere invites families to relax and enjoy their time together. With a menu that balances adult preferences with child-friendly options, it caters to all ages, making everyone feel included and catered to. The use of fresh vegetables and olive oil in their dishes not only ensures healthful eating but also introduces young palates to the joys of Italian cuisine. Dining at Salvo is more than a meal, it is an opportunity for families to bond, share stories, and enjoy a slice of Italian hospitality right in Singapore. The environment, combined with tasty and wholesome food, sets the stage for creating lasting memories, where each visit feels like being welcomed into the home of an Italian friend.